Enjoy year long lake fun at Beaver Lake in Plattsmouth, NE

It’s the perfect vacation everyday!

Lease at Beaver Lake for Fishing


Lease Lake Rights for Boating at Beaver Lake


Get Beaver Lake Beach Access with Lake Rights

Beach Access – Swimming

Jet Ski at Beaver Lake by Leasing Lake Rights

Jet Skiing

Lease lake rights at Beaver Lake for the current season – No Mowing – No Maintenance, No Taxes – Just Follow the BLA Rules and Play Nice!

***You must take your boat home with you each night – No storage permission with Lake Rights***

Sorry, we're fully booked!

Get Started – Contact Us – Checks are Payable to Beaver Lake Association


Lease at Beaver Lake

1501 Cree Court, Plattsmouth, NE 68048

Note: This site is not owned or governed by the Beaver Lake Association – The Rules of the Lake Are. This site is owned by a Beaver Lake Resident.

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